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Send a Flood of People Who Want Your Services Straight to Your Door

Whether you’re a plumber or a health care professional you’ve probably noticed that the traditional ways to getting new customers, clients or patients just don’t work as well today. For starters they cost a ton and, even worse, they just don’t deliver the results you need.

Why? Because today people aren’t about to wait until they see or hear an ad, or even take the time to look you up in the Yellow Pages. They want answers RIGHT AWAY — which means they go straight to Google or one of the other online search engines.

That shouldn’t surprise you. Chances are that’s what YOU do when you’re looking for something – so why shouldn’t they?

All of which means that to attract the customers and patients you need – the ones who are eager to use the services you provide – you need to know how to use online marketing. What’s more, you need to know how to do it BETTER than your competition.

That’s Where We Come In

That’s where we come in. Because at Assassin Marketing we’re experts at all aspects of online advertising and marketing – from Search Engine Optimization, to Local Search Optimization, to Website Development and more. In other words, all the tools you need to make the kind of impact that’s flat out necessary today.

Be Page One News

The first of these powerful tools is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the clever – and constantly evolving – strategies that put YOU on the search engine page that comes up first when someone looks for your kind of service. That’s where you HAVE to be — because research shows that pretty much nobody looks beyond page 1. (Have YOU ever looked at anything on page 2 or 3?)

But getting on that all-important first page (ideally at the TOP of the page) is just part of the battle. To attract ALL the new clients or patients you want, you need a web site that captures their attention and gives them irresistible reasons to call. Simply putting your brochure (or something that looks like it) online just won’t do.

You need a website that takes advantage of all the best online tools to show everyone who visits what’s in it for them. That means a web site that’s easy to navigate, crammed with the information they need and so keyed to what THEY care about they can’t wait to call.

Find Out What Your Competitors Are Up to – FREE!

To give you an idea of how powerful this kind of top level internet marketing can be (and to show you how good we are at helping you do it) we’d like to give you some inside information.

Specifically, we’d like to put our sophisticated software tools to work to show you exactly how well your direct competitors are doing with THEIR online marketing. And, by the way, when we say YOUR competitors that’s exactly what we mean. Not roofers nationwide or law professionals in the Northeast or even financial planners in Texas. We’re talking about the competition in YOUR immediate area – the ones you go head to head with every single day.

We’ll unearth the information you need to win that battle. Like:

  • How Well Are Their Sites Optimized?
  • What Keywords Are They Using?
  • Have They Grabbed That Sweet Spot At The Top Of The Results Page?
  • How Strong Are Their Websites?

You get the idea. And you can get this valuable information FREE by simply clicking the button at the bottom of this page, filling in the form and pushing the submit button. There’s no obligation – just the information you need to start using today’s best marketing tools to drive new clients and patients to your door.

Will you discover you’re ahead of the pack? Or is your competition about to eat your lunch? The only way to find out is to request the free competitive analysis.

Don’t put it off – because Your Competition Is Reading This Message, Too! ACT NOW and get a head start on building your business and enjoying the success you deserve.

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