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Who Is Assassin Marketing
and Why Should I Use Them?

If you’re a business owner and trying to figure out how to attract more new clients by website marketing, Assassin Marketing is your one stop shop for complete  website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for your company, practice or firm because you’ll have access to our full-service website development and search engine optimization experts, who will not only build or redesign your website, but also increase your traffic and conversion rates. The result is more cases and clients.

You may be asking, “Why should I begin a search engine optimization and website marketing campaign now?” Because your competitors are marketing online and you’re losing a ton of business to them as we speak. Like them, you’ve probably figured out that your website is more likely to succeed as a source of marketing than the more “traditional” methods of advertising, such as the yellow pages or direct mail.  That’s why we believe so strongly that search engine optimization and website marketing should become the focal point of your company’s marketing model…RIGHT NOW! And you should always know what you’re competitors are up to. That’s why we offer you a FREE competitive analysis just by filling out the form in the upper right.

BUT Who Should You Trust With Your Online Marketing?

Typically, there are two types of people who do website marketing and search engine optimization. First is the website designer who does search engine optimization on the side as part of “his job“. Typically, these people have a heart gold and feel obligated to provide this type of service for you, but unfortunately their knowledge is very limited and your website marketing is doomed to succeed in the competitive field of professional service industries because they are incompetent and you suffer the consequences.

Then there are the large search engine optimization companies that cater to the larger corporations and firms. These companies generally do a good job, but at a price outside the range of most professional service individuals and companies.

This Is Where We Come In

Assassin Marketing provides the small to medium companies the opportunity to compete with the larger corporations…and in many cases win. And at at a fraction of the cost of many other advertising mediums.

With an eye for perfection, attention to detail, excellent internet marketing skills and a work ethic second to none, you’ll get the same quality service the “big boys” receive, but on a more personal level.  You see, we’re big enough to service you, but small enough to know you. And you’ll always be treated with honesty, courtesy and respect; the way a professional deserves to be treated.

Even so, you’ll still receive top notch website marketing and search engine optimization second to none because we’re a team of highly trained website and marketing experts with a proven track record of getting our clients to the top of the major search engines in the natural search section and getting a great return on investment.

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