Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization:
Uncover The Hidden Secrets To Increasing Your Local Client Base

It’s known as business search, local business search, local search, and local business directory search, but we’re going to call it local search for the purpose of our discussion.  Local search uses the internet search engines to allow a prospective client to enter a geographically targeted business search against a database of local business listings within a particular business directory.

A business directory such as Google maps analyzes this search and comes up with a listing of local businesses that best match the search within a geo-targeted area.  In other words, a local search query would include not only the information about the keywords the prospective client is looking for (such as a business category) but also where that business is located.  For example, “Dallas attorney”, “Dallas nursing home” or “Dallas chiropractor”. These local search results would be listed and shown to the prospect in order based upon several different factors, not limited to, but including relevant keywords within their business website, their relevancy according to that particular searched keyword, and the number of reviews that particular business has.

With the recent advancements in the cellular telephone industry, they’re now exists “mobile” local search.  This is where a prospective client can do a business search right from their mobile telephone. Most new cellular phones have this search built in. That’s right, the world is getting smaller! That’s why you must act now to stay ahead of your competition.

As you can see, local search marketing can be a highly effective form of advertising because it will allow a business to target very precise keyword at a specific location.  That’s why many search directories are financially supported by advertising from businesses that want to be prominently featured when the prospect is searching for a particular product or service in a geographically targeted location.

That’s why we carefully craft your local business directory listing and optimize it with specific, geo-targeted keywords that your prospects are using to find businesses just like yours and make sure your business listing is near the top of every major local business directory so when a prospective client searches for your particular type of business, you will be their online choice.

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