Article Marketing

Article Marketing:
A Powerful Tool When It Comes To Search Engine Optimization

Article marketing or article promotion is a highly effective way to market your website and your business.  Creating articles and making them available to others through article marketing is a concept has been around a long time, but the recent popularity of article submission directories have catapulted its concept to the next level.  Article marketing’s popularity as a useful business building tool to generate new traffic and prospects has been relatively untapped until lately.

The reason you can post articles without cost to these article directories because they in turn can place advertising on each article page; thereby, generating huge advertising revenues.  These article directory sites also benefit from search engine popularity as more articles are posted online.  This benefits both your company and the directory company by increasing the number of prospects visiting the site.

An article is written by you or someone else about your respective industry.  Each article contains an article resource box that includes references about you and your business.  Your article is then made available for distribution to your marketplace through article submission directories.

A popular method of search engine optimization incorporates the fact that a website’s search engine rank will rise as it obtains more links.  That’s why it is absolutely essential to include your resource box on each and every article you submit to the article directories.  Because each time a reader clicks on your resource box a link is create to your websiteThe website with the most back links is considered more relevant and moves higher up the search engine’s rankings.

Due to this SEO tactic, your articles should be carefully written to target your specific keywords that we select for you in order to increase it’s relevancy for that keyword which helps optimize it for the search engines.  If your article is “search engine friendly”, it has a greater chance of being seen as informative content and will be viewed more frequently by an already-interested group of prospects; which in turn increases your chances of earning their business and increasing your business’ credibility within your marketplace.

Article marketing has also become a very popular Web 2.0 marketing method with the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The net effect of article promotion using these social networks is a viral propagation of your article and once again, an increased amount of links and traffic to your website.

With the rise of article marketing on the internet, it has become the victim of junk content recently.  That’s why smart marketers use systematically proven techniques to persuade potential clients to click through to their website.  This is why our staff writers use a systematic approach to make sure your articles are timely, interesting, keyword optimized and capture the attention of your target prospect.

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