Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing:
Adding Your Two Cents Could Make You A Fortune With Online Marketing

Blog marketing describes website marketing using web blogs. Blogs have become the next generation marketing tool. They  are basically websites that allow you to instantly publish content and act as a news source for prospects.

Blogging has grown exponentially in the last few years.  New Media Lab in Austin, Texas reports that 356,000,000 people worldwide read blogs and 77% of active web users read blogs.  Can you see the potential?

Blogging is the act of publishing content on your blog, but publishing content with a blog and publishing with your regular website are as different as night and day because blogs are dynamic and allow two-way communication between you and your prospects.  That’s why blogging should be completed on a regular basis and with a specific marketing strategy.

While no one knows what’s included in a search engine’s algorithms, everyone can agree that a website needs to have quality content in order to rank high; and one of the easiest ways to add that quality content on a consistent basis is by starting a blog.

With the recent advancements and the growing popularity of social media sites, as well as the importance of links to your website for search engine optimization purposes, adding your social media profile links to your blog will also increase its popularity. Two of the most popular social media sites for businesses are Facebook and Twitter.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I constantly come up with new content for my blog…It’s going to take a lot of work.” Don’t worry, our staff writers will do most of the heavy lifting for you, but if you’d like to do it yourself here’s some ideas

  • Create a top 10 list about your industry: Thanks to David Letterman, people love top 10 lists.  They capture the readers attention and hold their interest.
  • Ask a question and solve the problem: You know your prospects biggest problems, so ask it in a question form and answer it with good content.
  • Take a poll: Polls are always a good source for unique and interesting content.
  • Post about growing trends in your industry: Prospects interested in your industry will most certainly be interested in new and emerging trends, so this is a great source of new content.

Blog marketing can be very difficult to set up, but very exciting at the same time. You should be committed to adding new and fresh content at least weekly, but the more you can blog, the better.  It’s just like being on a diet, if you’re consistent, it’s less difficult. But if you take a break and stop blogging for a week or so, you’ll lose your momentum and often your followers.  And that’s why our staff is consistently adding blog posts for our clients.

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