Link Building

Link Building:
Your Key To Search Engine Optimization Success

When it comes to successful website marketing and search engine optimization, link building can be considered the most important element of this strategy. Yes, there is some debate on how important link building is relative to its combination with other methods of search engine optimization. However, no one that has been in the business of SEO for any length of time will tell you that any decent rank in the search engines would be possible without procuring links. Simply put, as far as the major search engines are concerned, if your website does not have any links, it might as well not exist. Then again, even the minor search engines hold the same attitude.

Why is it that building links is so important to website marketing and search engine rankings? Basically, every link that points to your website is a vote for the website’s popularity. So, the more quality links that you place on the internet, the greater your search engine ranking will be. The key word here is certainly “quality” since weaker links will not have the impact than those links of a higher value.

All Links Are Not Considered Equal

There are several different types of links that can be considered more valuable than others. Relevant links would definitely fall into this category. Relevant links are links placed on websites similar to yours. For example, if your website dealt with malpractice and it was placed on a website that dealt with malpractice insurance and lawsuits you would gain a greater vote from the link that a site that had zero to do with malpractice. Similarly, one-way links (Link placements that lack any reciprocal linking) are certainly more valuable than link trades. Links placed on websites with high Google Page Ranks are worth more than those links placed on websites with lower page ranks. Yes, it is best to stay in the realm of valuable relevant links to boost search engine optimization.

However, this is not to completely discount other link building plans and their impact on website marketing and search engine optimization. For example, placing links on websites that are not relevant does not hurt but you would need a lot of them to equal a relevant link. Websites with low Google Page Ranks may only deliver a fraction of the value of the votes given by higher ranked websites but your website would still receive a vote nonetheless.

So, it would certainly be beneficial to follow any and all possible strategies for link building. Even reasonably simple concepts such as leaving links in forum message board signatures or in blog comments have their value. Utilizing these types of links – or any type of links for that matter – will boost your website’s search engine optimization potential.

That’s why we are constantly working on link building for our clients. It’s a non-stop job and it requires the cooperation of other website owners and it often takes time for the search engine robots to index and count all the links. So a little patience is often required. But the results will eventually come and so will the boosted and impressive search engine rankings.

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