Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing:
All News Is Good News When It Comes To Press Release Marketing

One of the growing forms of website marketing on the internet today entails press releases. Online press release distribution is extremely effective for search engine optimization and can be utilized by professional businesses in a variety of ways. While many businesses utilize press releases with traditional media, they are now a powerful force for website marketing as well.

The way that press releases work for website marketing is you create a basic press release but also incorporate your targeted keywords and phrases. Therefore you create a special breed of press release that’s geared up for search engine optimization. It will help your website get found for the included terms, and will help directly lead to increases in your traffic as people view your press release and then click through to your site.

However one of the most powerful ways in which this form of website marketing is effective is through the benefits of link building. Link building is so important for search engine optimization because the quality and quantity of links leading to your site helps determine your overall positioning in the search engines. Therefore as a component of your overall website marketing efforts you should be trying to gain as many new links as possible.

You also want those links to be from the best sources they can be, and the major online press release sites are all extremely credible and highly ranked. This means when you create a press release for search engine optimization, include several links back to your site and distribute it to several different sources, you’re creating many very high quality links that will help boost your rankings.

Another benefit to press releases is that you can control the anchor text that the links to your website have. The anchor text used in a link is a way that search engines determine what’s said on a web page, or in other words, what a web page should be found in their results for. By including your targeted keywords and phrases not just in the press release but also specifically in the links leading back to your site, you’re giving yourself a huge boost. It’s a great and easy way to help associate your site with your targeted list of keywords.

Additionally, just as with a traditional press release, when you distribute an online release for website marketing you have the potential to have your story picked up by a news outlet or media source. This can of course pay huge dividends to your site and could lead to dramatic increases in both overall exposure and traffic. The key of course is to make your releases newsworthy and to provide a good angle for people to dive into.

When used properly, press releases can be very powerful for website marketing and search engine optimization. Since press releases are a crucial piece of a complete website marketing plan, we will write and distribute optimized press releases for our clients to help you increase traffic to your website as well as improve your rankings in the search engines through link building.

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