Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking:
What Others Think About You Could Make A Huge Difference In Your Online Success

Over the last few years there has been a web 2.0 explosion. Web 2.0 refers to all of the sites and tools that allow users and Internet browsers to get interactive with their website experience. Instead of just looking at a web page, they can use bookmarking tools to keep track of their favorites or post a collection of their own photos and videos. Now these services have emerged as extremely important pieces to the search engine optimization puzzle.

Effective search engine optimization incorporates many different factors and elements. One of the most important considerations for getting your website ranked is what is known in Google as Page Rank. Page Rank and similar scores used by the other major search engines, is an evaluation of how credible your website is. This credibility or reputation score is determined by the quality and quantity of incoming links you have leading to your website.

Therefore it figures that the more links you find that lead to your website, the better your site will be viewed, and the more success in the search engines that you’ll see. Additionally, when you get links from highly reputable websites, they count for more than links from just any other random website.

Considering all of this, the social bookmarking tools have become extremely valuable tools for search engine optimization. When you take advantage of these bookmarking services you can create a ton of incoming links to your website. Because the links are coming from huge, popular websites, they also hold a great deal of value. By using just a few of the major services you can continually add dozens of new backlinks. You’ll fortify your reputation and you’ll end up improving your ranking in the search engines.

Another reason why bookmarking is so essential for search engine optimization is that when you create an incoming link to an individual web page within your website, you ensure that it will get indexed by the search engines. Whether you have just created new content or you are having trouble getting all of your pages indexed, this is the search engine optimization solution that you’ve been seeking.

Additionally, you’ll also benefit from bookmarking by establishing a larger online presence for your website. By using the right tools and services you can reach out to many potential prospects who will see what you have to say and give your website a visit. Therefore these services are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site, maintain a larger presence and find new prospects who you wouldn’t have been able to target otherwise.

For all of these reasons, any effective search engine optimization plan will now include bookmarking. The explosion of the web 2.0 world has ensured their importance, and the value they add to your website in terms of link building, indexing and overall online presence is huge. That’s why our team of bookmarking and linking experts are constantly working the web 2.0 scene for you. Because a comprehensive bookmarking strategy is a major piece of your website’s total search engine optimization success.

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