Content Creation & Copywriting

Content Creation & Copywriting:
The Key That Unlocks Google’s Front Door

If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few months, you’ve probably run into pages talking about SEO – search engine optimization. Simply put, this is arranging the content and structure of your website (or related content) so that the search engines (such as Google) can more easily read it. The easier it is for a search engine to analyze your content, and the closer you adhere to its rules, the higher you’ll rank. But how can that make you money?

It often seems like these marketing plans are missing an important middle step – the part that actually makes the money. After all, while appearing higher up on the results list for a web page will get lots of visitors to your page, that’s no assurance that they’ll spend a penny on the services that you provide. Good copywriting is vital, since it offers value to your potential clients.

Visitors simply don’t equal cash flow all on their own. They have to get something out of their online experience to want to schedule an appointment or arrange a consultation. Optimizing a web page is a great idea – search engines have an easier time reading it, and people often do, too. Readability is the first and foremost design factor that should go into a website page! Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of equating the two.

Don’t think we’re undermining the importance of traffic. Getting visitors to your website isn’t easy, and proper search engine optimization is an important tool in doing it. But on its own, there’s no way that this will make you the kind of money that it could and should. You have to be offering something your visitor wants.

Search engine optimization is a wonderful tool for a website that already has good content and copywriting in place. If you’re legitimately offering a highly sought after service – such as accounting services – excellent copywriting can bring in visitors who wouldn’t otherwise be able to find you. It helps increase traffic and helps you find the right people – the ones who really want to spend their money with you.

This is why you need to try so hard to make your optimization relevant. Sure, you can optimize for a keyword that’s only tangentially related to what you do. You might even bring in a lot of viewers. But if they aren’t there for what you have to offer, you’ve simply wasted your time and effort. Worse yet – you’ve wasted the potential client’s time, too.

This means that, above all the gimmicks and tricks out there, search engine optimization needs to be about clarity. Make your website easy to read – for search engines and for visitors. Make all your keywords completely relevant to the service you’re offering so that your traffic counts. Include lots of good, appropriate copywriting that visitors will actually want to read and take action. Avoid content with no actual point, misleading page structures, and other methods that seem like they’ll save you money and time.

Can website marketing, search engine optimization and great copywriting make you money? Yes – but not directly. There’s no one out there paying you just because your getting a high search engine rankings (wouldn’t it be nice?). Those rankings are just a way of bringing people in. Optimize your content carefully with great copywriting and you’ll get the crowd that wants what you have to offer – but you have to have it there waiting for them. That’s why we have a team of expert copywriters dedicated to your success.

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